Call for Vision / Challenge Papers

For the first time, this year the International Symposium on Spatial and Temporal Databases (SSTD 2011) includes a Vision and Challenge track and program committee.

SSTD 2011 is the 12th event of a series of biannual symposia that discuss research in spatial, temporal and spatio-temporal data management. The Vision and Challenge track invites submissions of short papers in the areas of interest of the main event that:

  • Describe revolutionary ideas that are likely to guide research in the near future
  • Challenge existing assumptions prevalent in the research community
  • Identify novel applications and technology trends that create new research challenges

These papers should provide stimulating ideas or visions that may open up exciting avenues and/or influence the direction of research within the realm of SSTD, i.e., research in spatial, temporal and spatio-temporal data management.

While an exhaustive evaluation of the proposed ideas is not necessary, insight and in-depth understanding of the issues is expected. Accepted contributions will be presented at a special session during the symposium and will be included in the proceedings of SSTD 2011.


Vision/challenge submissions should have a maximum of 4 pages in LNCS format. Details about the submission process will be posted here.

CCC Headwaters Awards


SSTD 2011 is pleased to announce the CCC Headwaters awards. We will provide prizes for the first-, second-, and third-placed papers/presentations on the basis of the papers and subsequent presentations. These prizes will take the form of travel reimbursement awards, and amount to $1,000, $750, and $500 for first, second, and third place, respectively.


We believe that many papers in the challenges and visions track will be headwaters for influential rivers of followup discoveries, inventions and research papers. Thus, the award is named after the Mississippi headwaters, where, the mighty Mississippi river starts as a humble stream on a 2000+ mile journey to become one of the longest and most powerful rivers in the world. The Mississippi headwaters is located in the Itasca State Park, a few hours drive from our SSTD 2011 venue.

Note: Coincidentally, the acronym CCC stands not only for the Computing Community Consortium, but also the Civilian Conservation Corps, which developed Mississippi headwater area as part of the New Deal under President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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